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March 28 2016


Fiesta Studios - Fort Wayne, IN Video & Multimedia Studio

Fort Wayne commercial videos

Fiesta Studios began over a decade ago as a project produced by Andrew Miller. The concept was to produce videos with all the goal of simply acquiring buddies and family laugh. After the group split up in 2007 to pursue other projects, the channel saw upset of videos as Andrew Miller, Andy Amstutz, Kristin Wuensch and Danny Pelz attempted to create a “monster in the woods” series. Even if this was a different tone entirely than the original Fiesta Studios content entirely, it created these creative minds who'd then go on to from the new iteration of Fiesta Studios in 2015.

As the aim was casual with out a focus on widespread marketing, something happened as you go along. We were contacted through the production studio behind “Outrageous Acts of Science” on Discovery Science channel, who wished to use our video ‘Eating a Durian Fruit’ that was the first of several food challenges filmed that year. So, although aim was not to get famous over the season, the c's ended up getting viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on television anyway.

In 2016, Andrew Miller announced a whole new partnership with two highly experienced experts who, as he put it, “will eventually make Fiesta Studios children name.”

Amir Hussain joins Fiesta Studios as Sound Director. Hussain, who may have worked with over 200 artists worldwide in mixing, mastering and creating vocal effects for many genres of music, eagerly awaits the exciting challenges this medium provides. Hussain, who owns Amir’acle Records and possesses two pending music albums releasing this coming year, also brings 20 years of related experience in the field with him.

Joey Leal, who joins Fiesta Studios as Video Effects Creative Director, brings with him 16 numerous years of Multimedia expertise, including 3D modeling, animation, graphic arts, computer-generated Effects, video editing, title sequence animation and website development. Leal, who graduated in 2004 in the University of Advancing Technology, also co-owned a pre-visual architecture firm named Visescape in Scottsdale, AZ, for four years.

Fort Wayne film studio

Andrew Miller’s over 14 numerous years of video experience include directing, writing, editing, sound design, acting and producing, in countless projects including national television commercials while doing work in the industry in Chicago.

With the new partners and new website, Fiesta Studios also has expanded web presence on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Fiesta Studios will build upon its history of entertainment videos and expand outward both into existing markets and untouched markets as the company grows.
Fiesta Studios offers services for companies and individuals at affordable rates.
If you're interested in working with Fiesta Studios, simply fill out a request at the following page:

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We should humbly thank all of our fans over time for their support, along with our many new clients who make this all possible. You're making it all worthwhile.

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